Patch My PC  is an easy to use, lightweight program that you can run on demand to scan for programs and then delete or update them. In the default setting after a fresh download it doesn’t install anything and does not add keys to your Windows registry. When you run the program it scans for a few seconds and provides a list of outdated programs.

The interface is very intuitive with programs needing to be updated in red, and ones that are up to date in green. There’s an option to update all the out of date programs, but before you do that, let’s investigate the other tabs.


On the Options tab you can exclude programs from updating. This can be useful if you know certain programs require additional work when updated, such as resetting the file path or a special configuration item. Clicking the button on the bottom right to perform the updates starts the process.

One thing to keep in mind: if you exclude a program it is no longer shown in the list as red, and in need of updating. Instead, it is show in light blue. Be aware of this when checking the file list, and on the alert to review the status of the excluded files later.

An excluded file is shown in light blue


Each program is updated in turn. Patch My PC checks the download against known checksum sizes for a bit of security; if the download file is the wrong size it won’t download it on the chance that it has been compromised. You can see the progress for each program, and each one of the programs where the download fails the file size check is indicated.

A skipped file due to file size not being correct

Patch My PC has an option to schedule updates and automatically keep your programs up to date. The log you see on the right side as future programs are updated is saved to disk for review later. Enabling the schedule option requires you to download the extra run time DLLs for this feature. It happens from within the program and you are not forced to go to their website and download from there. You can accept the default check each day at 7 PM, or set your own schedule for daily, every 2, 5, or 10 days, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, etc. It can be set to silent mode so it runs in the background.

The update process itself is done by the built in Windows update process, and some programs may require you to provide consent for new features, click an “OK” button, etc. My testing found that most programs updated perfectly, with few that required any interaction.

The Patch My PC license allows use on both personal and business computers, without any restriction. It is a good solution to cover one of the greatest dangers to your PC (outdated software) with a minimum of fuss.

Download link: Patch My PC