I remember a game we played as kids, where we would try to tear paper. It was easy tearing a single piece of paper. When we folded it once, we now had two layers to tear, and it was a little bit harder. Folding it a third time made the paper four layers thick and that made it really tough. Fold the paper one more time and none of us could tear it in half …. it was eight layers thick!

One of the most daunting challenges we face is computer security. A new computer is in pristine condition, with a clean operating system and perfectly safe. But as soon as we start using it, installing programs and connecting online, the trouble starts. We need to secure our data, but to be honest, most of us do a lousy job. We install anti-malware software, just one layer of security, and leave it at that. And just like that game with that piece of paper, one layer of security is easy for the bad guys to tear through.

This series of posts will address computer security from a small business perspective. Larger businesses justify spending $85+ per computer each month for a “managed services” plan, but the rest of us are left to patch together systems to try and duplicate that protection. I want to demystify PC data security and show you how to use a four layered defense. It doesn’t have to cost more than your single layer defense you have now.

The four layers of PC data security every small business owner should use are 1) DNS filtering, 2) monitoring the health of their PC so a sudden failure doesn’t destroy everything; 3) maintaining updated software that isn’t vulnerable to exploits; and 4) having great anti-malware / anti-virus. I will describe each of these in more detail and tell you how you can deploy them inexpensively (sometimes free!) over the next few weeks.

Acumen Consulting offers services to employ these four layers for you, so if you have an immediate need, please contact me. Otherwise, these posts will show you how to do it for little or no cost. You can get a jump start by installing our free app, Acumen Advisor that alerts you to looming problems with PC health, and I’ll send you all the tips immediately.