Small Business Online Presence

Acumen Consulting specializes in helping small businesses manage their online presence. From sole proprietors to businesses with up to 99 employees, we have the expertise to help you get online, stay online, and leverage the benefits of the Internet for your business. All at a reasonable cost.

Our Services

Geared toward getting you online fast, our services help you get a website up and running, choose online services such as email service providers and digital advertising. Most importantly, we have seen what doesn’t work for the small company with under $200k in annual sales. 

Mobile Responsive Websites

Want more than 40% of the visitors to your site to see it? We make sure your site is beautiful for all devices. 

Get the Clicks

Many entrepreneurs focus on the design of the website, but then forget about asking for the order. We make sure your calls to action are clear and effective. 

On-going Maintenance

Automatic updates and continuing support is available. Choose from a monthly all-in-one fee, or economical a’ la carte hourly services. 

Effective Websites

We use industry-standard software and the latest techniques to make sure your website isn’t ignored by the search engines. 

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Mobile design is not an afterthought. So many consumers rely on their mobile devices when looking for companies that we make sure mobile works just as well as desktop browsers. 

Integrate Your Entire Online Presence

Your website is one element in your online presence, and may be all you need. An increasing number of companies have a need for more online presence, and we can help with that. Our focus is on providing you with the least expensive yet effective option. 

Project Research

We ensure the latest technology is used for your project in order to keep you in front of both your audience, and the search engines that expand your audience. We set up free tools such as Google Analytics for you. 

Vendor Selection

We recommend vendors based on our own experience with them. For an example, see our Favorite Webhosts page where we recommend the web hosting companies most suitable for the small business. 


Our design ethic is to give you a beautiful website that actually works for you. We take care of all the details, using your content (or, you can hire us to create all of your content too). 


Our development process includes extensive communication with you so you aren’t left in the dark.