Frank Hagan

Frank Hagan has 40 years of experience in technical service management leading teams of customer service, field service and technical service agents to world-class performance in dynamic, ever changing tech environments. Protecting his team from the dangers lurking just a click away helped Frank evaluate and select world class products and processes.

His experience as a tax and financial consultant to small businesses over the past ten years has created more opportunities to take the big business concepts of data protections and security and apply them in a more cost effective way. The entrepreneur and very small business have the same need for comprehensive security, but not the resources to buy into the large company solutions that predominate in the marketplace. Data security doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

For over ten years, Frank has also been creating, maintaining and hosting websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. During that time he has seen the tragic consequences of unscrupulous web site developers who lock their clients in to a custom design and then charge exorbitant amounts to update the sites. His passion to help small businesses succeed extend to his website development work through Acumen’s subsidiary HOSTkabob, ensuring that clients have the ability to easily update and maintain their websites themselves, or hire nearly any other designer to do the work.

Acumen’s Recommendations and Services

Acumen Consulting’s product recommendations draw upon Frank’s experience to provide your business with the tools it needs to meet the data security demands of your business. Most products Acumen recommends are sold via an affiliate agreement, where a commission is paid to Acumen for providing the service of recommending and assisting clients with the product. These agreements hold Acumen to high standards in the way the products can be represented.

Acumen’s services, such as monitoring, patch management, and managed anti-virus services, are low-cost alternatives to the $100 to $125 per month per device pricing of fully managed service companies. While the large company can afford to spend that amount and meet the minimum of ten systems each month, the small company has previously had no other option. Acumen Advisor provides the “right size” service for small companies at just $10 per device per month.