Our Favorite Webhosts

We have worked extensively with these companies, and recommend them to our clients. We list them in several different categories, but they all feature world-class customer service and lead their market segment in continuous uptime. 

Some of these links are affiliate links that provide Acumen Consulting with a small commission if you purchase using them. 

Best Economical Host

We have referred customers to HawkHost for years, and our customers have never been disappointed. They are not owned by a huge conglomerate that has hundreds of web hosts under different names. But, they still have industry best pricing and features. Most of our customers do fine with their $2.99 per month basic web hosting.  

Best for Continuing Clients

HOSTkabob is our own hosting service that provides a seamless experience for our clients. Hosting includes one hour per month of our services, all at an economical price.

HOSTkabob is your best choice if you want continued maintenance service for your small business website.


Best Managed Host for Most People

KnownHost is the best managed host for busy ecommerce WordPress sites. Dedicated WordPress hosting is fast, fully managed, and designed to get your site up fast and keep it available. Highly recommended!

Their managed VPS plans are fantastic. We used a managed VPS from them for five years before we learned to manage our own servers.

Other Good Webhosts

We have used these webhosts in the past, and at the time they were also excellent hosts. Because it has been more than three years since we’ve used them, we list them here as recommendations you can check out!


In the early 2000s, I used a Dathorn reseller account for several years before growing out of their offerings. Privately owned, they have stellar customer service. 

MDD Hosting

I used MDD Hosting later in the 2000s, and received fantastic support from the owner. Like Dathorn, this hosting company is privately owned and not a part of a huge hosting conglomerate. 


Ramnode is a good choice for geeks like us that know how to manage a virtual private server. This is not an option for a beginner. We use Ramnode for our HOSTkabob hosting service.